What's old is new

This is my place to show off the items I would call vintage, things I have either refinished or kept as is and find interesting. I am still a kid at heart bringing home what some might call junk and am always in search of that buried treasure. I am not a picker and I am not a hoarder, working with my hands on my own time repairing or refinishing the things I find brings me peace of mind and time to myself to contemplate whatever has transpired in my life or time to just zone out and concentrate on the task at hand. Some items for sale or possible trade just ask..click on my profile and send me an email.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Local Burger Shop (some vintage)

This is a local Burger Shop (Chuck's Burger Bar) in Hamilton Ontario, not only are the burgers great but the décor in this small space is very interesting. The ceiling is covered in reclaimed pressed tin panels there are Milk bottles from local dairies used as light housings but it's the very thick live edge wood tables, crumbling plaster/brick wall and mismatched hardwood flooring that grabbed my attention the first time I walked in the door. If your ever in Hamilton check them out on Locke St as well as some of the antique/collectible and other trendy shops within walking distance.


  1. What a beautiful way to use salvaged materials! I really like the end result very much. The floor and ceiling are unusual...but very striking. And I really like the lights made from milk bottles. Is there just a hole for the wiring though the stopper? No glass cutting involved...how clever!

  2. I really like re-purposed/recycled/up-cycled items, though there are some things when you see them you just know they should stay as they were made. The milk bottles have a rubber stopper with a hole, I would have used an Edison bulb for a more rustic look. I'm currently bidding on a pair of antique cast iron "barn trollies/hay uploader/barn carriers" they go by any of these names. My goal is to make either a ceiling lamp for over a kitchen island or pool table with one or both of them or some table lamps, depends if I'm out bid though.