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This is my place to show off the items I would call vintage, things I have either refinished or kept as is and find interesting. I am still a kid at heart bringing home what some might call junk and am always in search of that buried treasure. I am not a picker and I am not a hoarder, working with my hands on my own time repairing or refinishing the things I find brings me peace of mind and time to myself to contemplate whatever has transpired in my life or time to just zone out and concentrate on the task at hand. Some items for sale or possible trade just ask..click on my profile and send me an email.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reclaimed Tin Ceiling Panel as Art

I'm definitely not as gung ho for Mid Century as most of the blogs I follow I mean I dig it but I find lots of eras and design styles interesting. Furnishing your home in Mid Century fashion is a hot trend right now and I'm not bashing it but the money people are asking or willing to pay for certain items is crazy, for example every week I go to the same second hand shop that has a closed "treasure trove" area where for a two dollar fee you can silent bid on items in this treasure trove room. There are a pair of really nice rope chairs likely Yugoslavian as they have no branding anywhere, they are the same as others I've seen on line any how this particular pair is up to $550 so far, in my opinion that's $200 to much.
My particular tastes are a little more eclectic and definitely lower budget for example the reclaimed tin ceiling panels as art shown here and the 50’s floor lamp I bought for $7(needed lots of work). The tin as rusted and old as it is still has a modern feel to it partly because of the repeating pattern and the floor lamp is just friggin cool (shown in an earlier post) I couldn't bring myself to sell it. I left the tin out in the rain for a week then pressure washed it clean then hung on the wall.

Please don't bash my style choices to much as there not all mine. I'm still trying to convince my gf to let me replace her sofa, end tables and matching pattern table lamp with something not soooo PUFFY and cloud like and soooo 80’s/90’s.

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