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This is my place to show off the items I would call vintage, things I have either refinished or kept as is and find interesting. I am still a kid at heart bringing home what some might call junk and am always in search of that buried treasure. I am not a picker and I am not a hoarder, working with my hands on my own time repairing or refinishing the things I find brings me peace of mind and time to myself to contemplate whatever has transpired in my life or time to just zone out and concentrate on the task at hand. Some items for sale or possible trade just ask..click on my profile and send me an email.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mystery Art

I've seen art like this on the web so it must have been mass produced. I took this pic at the Goodwill tonight, it was $7.99 and I didn't buy it but it has a mid century vibe to it. It's made of crushed stone or what looks like coloured aquarium gravel. Anyone know anything about it?


  1. Found my answer, it was a hobby kit in 60s. Like paint by numbers with gravel.

  2. I would have grabbed it at that price. It would look great in my store!!

    1. Ha! is this a here we go again situation. LOL. If you keep likeing the art I post I'll be able get a sizeable collection and make it worth shipping it. Maybe i'll swing by tonight and have another look at it for my collection to sell, I just didn't see much return in it. The frame was oil stained on the outer edges but not the inner so it looks a little odd, but that might be remedied.

  3. Replies
    1. I kind of had a feeling you'd have the answer. Cheers. I just knew it was a paint by numbers hobby craft deal. Whoever put together the one I saw did a spot on job except for botching the frame. A woman emailed me after seeing this post and ran out and grabbed it.