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This is my place to show off the items I would call vintage, things I have either refinished or kept as is and find interesting. I am still a kid at heart bringing home what some might call junk and am always in search of that buried treasure. I am not a picker and I am not a hoarder, working with my hands on my own time repairing or refinishing the things I find brings me peace of mind and time to myself to contemplate whatever has transpired in my life or time to just zone out and concentrate on the task at hand. Some items for sale or possible trade just ask..click on my profile and send me an email.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Scheurich Vase-Hawaiin Inn Tiki Mug

I hit Value Village on the way home yet again to find some extra cups for the girlfriends Magic Bullet blender piece of junk that doesn't hold a candle to my 70s Kenmore (ice destroying) Blender but I digress. While I begrudgingly passed through those hallowed doors of VV I spot a nice and very common Scheurich Vase with what I would consider a fair market price, my first thought was resale but being common and pretty much priced so not to make much profit my second thought occurred "hey those are our new bedroom colours" so it's coming home to stay for now. While passing down the same aisle I spot this little souvenir Tiki mug for $2.99 so I snatched him also simply because of the kitsch factor and it will give me somewhere to put my stray pencils and pens in the work shop.


  1. For that price it seems a pretty nice find. Eapecially if you have a personal use for it. I have friends that are deep into Tiki collecting that would love to have this...

    1. I'm surprised, I think the Hawaiin Inn is in Daytona. If that's the case there should be all kinds floating around in thrift shops near you or maybe all the snowbirds brought them back to the great white north. The same store had a bunch of other souvenirs of Florida from what looked like around 1950s-1970s.

  2. I'm a big fan of West German pottery. Even though it's not very valuable, the colors can definitely make a statement. Whenever I find a fat lava piece, I hardly ever pass it up. I love the bright orange on yours.